Business Licensing & Consulting in Arizona

New Motor Vehicle Dealer License
Licensing for selling new products with approval of a manufacturer

Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License
Licensing for selling used motor vehicles

Manufacturer Distributor License
Registering and licensing the manufacturer for distribution to New Motor Vehicle Dealers

Wholesale Motor Vehicle Dealer License
License to sell motor vehicles to other licensed motor vehicle dealers

Auto Recycler License
Selling off parts only (salvage yard)

Public Consignment Auction Dealer License

Wholesale Motor Vehicle Auction Dealer License

Auto Broker License
License to locate vehicles

Motor Vehicle Dealer Finance License
MVD 3rd party contractual agreement – customer financing

Transaction Tax Privileged License
Arizona Department Of Revenue – TPT

Entity Filing
Basic LLC Filings with Dealer Application through Arizona Corporation Commission

Level 1 inspections
Verify VIN #’s on vehicles for the bond title, abandoned title, body style change, title error, etc.